About Us


Consistent Poultry is a Buy Township, Buy Village black owned company founded by Thabo Sibanyoni in 2020 in Carolina Mpumalanga. We specialise in poultry farming.

We buy day old chicks, grow them and sell to the local community, with a future vision of a fully automated standardized commercial processing company and expanding to commercial egg production company that meets  all HACCP international requirements certification.

We are dedicated to the finest practice in broiler farming, layer farming, poultry processing and further processing. Our aim is to ensure that the consumer receives the healthiest, affordable and most innovative chicken products.




Consistent Poultry is one of the leading producers and growers of high quality broiler chickens and eggs. Our products are highly appreciated for their high nutritional content and durable packaging. 

Our Eggs

We produce quality graded eggs for our consumers. Our hens are given superior quality feed which boosts levels of omega-3 fatty acid in their eggs.

Our Chickens

Agro Chigs ensures it selects high productive breeds for production. We ensure we maintain proficient feed management by providing our broilers with high quality feed and fresh, clean water.


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